Tips and Tricks! Adjusting Your Second Life Camera Angle

Notice I didn’t say Camera Angel. I have seen many SL residents who have changed their display names to “(fill in the blank) Angle” they are someone’s “angel.” I got off track already… sorry. So are you tired of viewing SL from the clouds like you are being watched by your guardian angel or God himself? I am thinking the default settings were originally like that because everything in SL was larger and taller maybe? So now when you log in you can’t walk around your smaller new LL home at all without trying to see through walls and roofs… lol

Anyway, since many of us are now making our avatars to more of a realistic height of around or near 6ft give or take, our camera angle needs to change too. So you are going to need your Advanced Menu and while you are at it grab your Developer Menu too if you want that.

  • Show Advanced Menu: Ctrl-Alt-D.
  • Show Developer Menu: Ctrl-Alt-Q.

Here is the Firestorm Page for more info. Oh yeah, I am talking about Firestorm right now. It has been so long like years and years since I used the Default SL Viewer that I sort of forgot how to use it. Who else has lost their knowledge on that? If you are a Default Second Life Viewer User please share your steps to do this same thing in the comments ok?

So you want to get here from the top Menu Bar: Advanced>Show Debug Settings>(dropdown menu) cameraoffsetrearView

PLEASE PLEASE go read Penny Patton’s Blog Post walking you through this. I have provided a screen cap of this important step from her blog but it is crucial you are very careful with this and do it right. Take Note: You can always put it back to Default.

From Penny Patton’s Blog because it is so clear for you. Thank You Penny!

Now, the reason I am sharing this information is because it’s important to me and I know the info is old but I think everyone would like to know this stuff too. Hey, I don’t think Penny will mind getting hits on a blog post from 3 years ago. Another way to walk you through these things is a video Olly shared on Facebook, notice Buttacwup shared Penny’s blog in the description of their video as well 🙂

Thank You Buttacwup!

I am all about sharing information especially when our experience of Second Life is made even better. I have been around SL a long time now and even after 7 years I am still learning new things almost everyday. So I will share it with you.

Have a great day all!

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Please comment below with any other tips you have that you love and always change! Sharing is Caring!

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