They’re THRILLING! Halloween Costumes by AFI Designs in Second Life

And it begins. The terrifying, thrilling season of horror and beauty whatever you desire in Second Life. I am a horror movie fan and the costumes at AFI Designs this year are based on movies. This costume is called “We.” When I took the picture and was getting it ready for the blog I jumped out of my chair! I scared myself. lol.

Please click these images to see them larger! YOU HAVE TO CLICK THEM!!!!

We costume includes: the jumpsuit, scissors, pose, hair, eyes and reference on where to get the dark skin. Or you may use a dark skin you have.
Last Summer Costume, another vision. Scary!!!
Last Summer Costume includes: Hat, hair, hook, raincoat pants, boots, mask and rain cloud. This picture was taken at Arranmore.

“Last Summer” is a good terrifying costume as well and we all need some good slasher ones to pick from!

These two costumes are just a small taste of what is in the store right now. So don’t be shy and go to AFI Designs to find your perfect costume that is NOWHERE ELSE to be found in Second Life!!!! These brand new creations ARE ONLY IN THE MAIN STORE along with many many more. Also Check out the marketplace for even more one of a kind creations! RUN don’t walk to go get yours before anyone else!

 AFI Designs Landmark

AFI Designs on the MarketPlace

Happy Halloween Everyone!

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