Getting good Body Proportions in Second Life

I think body proportions in SL have been changing a lot since I started SL back in 2011. This is an old blog I am sharing but it’s full of so much information that I want to share. In the past 7 years people have shortened everything about their avatars even going too far with it like disproportionate arms, heads, necks and everything really. So many people buy their shapes now because they just can’t do it on their own. But many of the shapes being sold are wrong too. LOL. So here is a blog post that I hope will help everyone.

Me, myself I make my own shapes and always have. I play with the face a lot because I want to look unique and I try to keep my avatar to a reasonable height since I have to model clothing the right way for runway. I am not saying the short blogger avatars are wrong but they are the norm and popular type right now. I just do not prefer that look with the extra wide hips and huge thigh gap with frowny smiles. I never liked that look but that is my personal opinion.

I am all about information sharing and this right here is key! Be brave. play with your shape on your own. But word to the wise, save a copy of your shape before you do so just in case you ruin it playing. I have a long list of shapes and I can pick which I want. It’s not a big deal to do this on your own it really isn’t. HAVE FUN!!


Pussycat Catnap's thoughts

Prelude: It is all about you, and what makes you happy.

At the end of the day the shape you end up with must be one that makes you happy and feels like your ‘fantasy self’. You will be looking at this ‘freak of an avatar’ every single time you log in… so it needs to be your freak out, and not anybody else’s.

That is why I feel it is super important for people to make their own shapes. Yes I put out some free shapes – they are meant to help someone get started, not to be used. Your shape must be YOU. It needs to make only you happy, not me, not that guy in the place you hang out in, not your best friend. Just you.

Take everything below as a set of tools to help you find yourself, not as me telling you what shape…

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