A Good For Nothing Second Life Review By A Noob!

There is a review someone wrote not too long ago about Second Life on the Crappy Games Wiki Uncensored. It’s pretty awesome that Ivylarae Resident went in and edited it with all her comments underlined. This original review I am convinced was from someone who went into SL for maybe 2 days to a week tops and NEVER left Welcome Island and other welcome areas. They clearly have no idea what SL is all about, did not research anything anywhere on the internet about Second Life like blogs or shopping or events… NOTHING. Not to mention they did NO RESEARCH while inside SL either on how to do anything like purchasing or going to other sims or for god’s sake even trying to meet other people. LOL. They are convinced that SL is full of nothing but furries and static non penetrable water that you cannot swim in.

This review is comical to read really. You have got to read this. I first saw this review when someone shared it on my timeline on FB. So that thread has a lot of commenting going on. Come to think of it … the more I think about this review I am thinking that maybe someone wrote it like this on purpose to slander Second Life? I just can’t wrap my head around how bad it is unless it was done on purpose. Or it could be just a really terrible review done by someone clueless. At any rate it is worth a read and I would like to see more people joining the site and revising that review even more haha!

The terrible review link again. Crappy Games Wiki.

I happen to LOVE Second Life and if you have been in this virtual world for more than 24 hours you would know that SL is not a game and should not be compared to other games like Minecraft and Roblox. SMDH. Anyway have fun with that review and help let the world know what SL is REALLY all about ok?

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UPDATE: Just today someone edited it again and all comments were gone. I purged the review and edited it so lets see how this works. hmmmmm… lets keep editing it LOL

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  1. Orca Flotta says:

    So we’re all stingy furres who refuse to hand out money to n00bs in a welcome center?
    LL won’t regulate old tech stuff and still leaves it in game? The reviewer has obviously never heard of private property and user generated content.
    Owning land costs money in this game???? How dare they?

    But one of the critiques was to the point and is true: LL are lazy ass fukkaz!

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    1. LOL… that review is being edited right and left but I can’t see any of them. That sight is slow and the worst I have been to in ages….


  2. It now looks to me like all edits are being deleted. I go back and it’s back to the original shit.


  3. ℳøηї says:

    Yes – I just see the original article as well. It does seem to be loading up slower than it did when I first read it.

    Maybe people can make a copy of their edits onto their own blogs and link to the wiki? That way those can’t be deleted, and it will also show up in search.

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  4. I wonder if he says it’ s so crappy why he then says it’s dangerously addictive lol.

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