The Exposure Note

So, how do you feel about the practices of “Exposure As Payment?” Many creative people including myself have experienced this in different ways. Whether it’s in regards to the virtual world or the real world. I have always thought of myself as being really great at creating my own exposure for my blogs and photoshop work in Second Life and of course my blogging for real life.

But I find this exposure as payment to be a bit shall we say… frugal on the part of the client. Whatever I am working on is a work of love or sheer passion. They know this or they are fishing for free work done. I have had to practice at times using the word ‘no.’

I have to learn to use my time wisely and only leaving my ‘yes’ answer to dear friends and close business partners 🙂 especially in the virtual world area. Second Life is a passtime and if I don’t feel up to it I just say no. All the exposure in the world a stranger won’t be able to give me usually and I can do better myself. Anyone that knows me realises I can be annoying on Facebook and most social media with my sharing. LOL.

This blog post by Rochelle really hit home with me and I would like to share it with you!

love AmandaMagick

Rochelle Asquith

Let me start off by saying this: I have been paid to write. And it felt great. I actually cried the first time a cheque cleared that I had earned by writing. It was a great feeling; being one step closer to fully supporting myself by doing what I love. It wasn’t long (literally about 22 hours) after that moment that I was asked to work for free – or as they put it, exposure. This wasn’t new to me at all, but there was a tiny (read: massive) part of me that hoped the ball would just continue rolling once I’d started being paid, and it wouldn’t be long before I was making a sensible amount of money.

Still, if all the exposure I’ve been paid in actually converted to pounds, I’d be able to move out of where I currently live, stop being such a burden on my…

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    I love your site!

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