Things in Second Life are so Temporary. Franks Entertainment Group is Closing!

FYI on Temporary: People are misunderstanding what I mean. I used that word generally as in the big picture of sims and venues not lasting forever in SL.

In all the years I have been in SL I have seen some of the most amazing places drop into the SL sea for many many reasons. It doesn’t matter how old they are, how many years in business, how awful they are, how childish and how truly AMAZING….. everything must come to an end at some point right?

My favorite beautiful places are gone and every now and then some other place has to close as well. It amazes me how long some sims have been around, some of them since Second Life started….

I just found out that all of FEG-Franks Entertainment Group is closing. This group of sims has been around since the dawn of SL. So much drama and upset as well as happiness. Unfortunately my experiences were upset from the staff… but that’s just me…. See this post.. When is a dress code taken too far?

Don’t get me wrong, I did have nice times there in the past too but the most recent was not too friendly. You will see from that link I shared how hostile people were to me from there and I am certain now what was going on. Anyway, I heard about the venues closing so I had to go to the group and see for myself….. Well here is the notecard.

November 9, 2019

Dear members, friends and all of SL,

For the past almost 13 years I’v had the wonderful opportunity to share my life with you and to work with the most amazing staff to create the FEG venues. My life has been enriched by the experiences and I hope as sharing time at FEG your’s has as well. We look back over these years and marvel at the literal millions of guests who have joined us, some once, some like many of you have made FEG your SL home.

During this time, I have had the opportunity to meet many of you and share the happiest and most joyous of experiences. We have seen countless people meet, fall in love and in some cases even marry. I have had the privilege to experience countless memorable and yes magical moments with you. For this I will be forever grateful.

This world within the “world” has been my home. A home that has been crafted and created out of the loving hearts of so many, but especially my staff. What an amazing, selfless group of people they are. Their commitment to making FEG a fun, elegant and one of a kind world in Second Life has been so awe inspiring. For their love, support and professionalism I thank them.

I enter into a new chapter in my life. I have found joy in RL, yes, from a relationship I made here in FEG. Eric and I are now fully together in real life and expect to marry in the coming months. We enter real life with great expectations for the future. It is a future bright in both of our minds and hearts. Because of my desire to fully experience the real life we are creating, we have decided to close FEG in the coming weeks. This has been a difficult decision for all of thee reasons expressed above, but it is with a realization that there is only so much time in a day.

FEG’s last official business day will be November 23, 2019. We have en amazing 2 final days planned and hope you can join us as we go out with a “bang”.

We wish the very best for you all and hope and pray your life will be the very best.

We have loved sharing this world with you and will take every memory with us into this next chapter of life.

Dreams do come true, I hope your’s do as well.

Thank you for all of the memories.

Nanceee Sinatra-Dante
Founder, Frank’s Entertainment Group

Frank’s Jazz
Frank’s Elite Jazz
Bogart’s Jazz
Chateau d’ Elite Restaurant
The Galleria at Frank’s

So you can see that the whole FEG is closing. It must have been a very hard decision to make for Nancee and I wish her all the best in her new real life. All of Franks venues have been some of the top of Second Life’s romantic destinations for so long and must have been hard to run. I would like to wish Nancee a great new RL and new start of happiness. I realize this topic of FEG closing will draw people out of woodwork and I am good at that. What I can say right now is that Nancee herself as a person was always kind to me. I will leave it all right there.

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  1. Seline says:

    Good riddance nothing but drama and the hosts and owner thinking they are better than everyone else.
    I for one am happy they are gone!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know many people have been upset by them for different reasons. There is drama everywhere even in RL and I for one am learning to pick and choose my drama 🙂


  2. Yvie Caproni (Yvonne Bland) says:

    As a long-time venue owner, I understand the depth of commitment needed to shepherd even one venue through the years! On behalf of my club – BBW Heaven Beach Club, SL’s longest running sim for plus-size ladies and their admirers – thank you Frank’s. Enjoy that last dance!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know its a hard job running 3 sims and much help is needed. But we all know kindness goes a very long way. There were good times at Franks a bad times. I for one have been banned from all 3 sims because of my last blog about dress code and what they did to me. LOL. But like I always say, this is my blog and I won’t be bullied into taking down anything.


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