My Personal Thoughts about FEG-Franks Entertainment Group Closing in Second Life

UPDATE: Franks Elite Jazz is now staying open. Since this blog post is still being read I am putting an update right here. Franks Elite is now owned by Mr William Zeta and he will be taking over the reigns. He was owner of the former, Sphynx Jazz Club in 2006-2009. However, all the other FEG venues and sims are still closing. I only hope Mr Zeta can turn the place around and make sure VIPs are not treated like shit when it is uncalled for. I hope they will take into consideration modern day SL gowns. PLEASE. 

First of all, I know many many people have their own stories about their experiences at this Second Life romantic group of sims and venues. So I ask that if you do have any that you are burning to share just write a comment to this blog post ok?

I used to go to Franks over the years because I thought the music was good sometimes and I heard through the grapevine from other DJ’s that Franks venues were the top of the romantic and jazz scene in SL. But that is when I didn’t know much about SL yet and had not explored yet outside my SL world of AEG Ambrosia Entertainment Group. Oh thats another topic of discussion….. AEG vs. FEG.

I find it funny that a few years back I see that Franks has abbreviated themselves to FEG which is much like AEG. I am going to call that copying…. (fight me on it LOL) Has anyone else with several sims and venues and malls on them done this? Abbreviated their businesses like that? nope not that I know of. But I guess in the real world that is normal but in SL there aren’t any huge groups of Sims that are top of SL doing it other than AEG.

I can respect that FEG was sort of top of their game in SL for romantic venues but what I will not accept and approve of is how the staff at Franks venues treated all of their VIPS. Yes VIPs that paid 1000L to join. I joined years and years ago for 500L but I did it 2 or 3 times because of stupidly deleting the group (maybe it wasn’t stupid after all?) But in the past few years the join fee was raised to 1000L and ladies would dress up the best they could and be told to go change clothes or to leave if they talked and argued a bit about it. Myself included. There was one time I did it for fun I will get to that later.

I am convinced the staff there were hired to closely look us up and down as we walk in to see if we met their standards no matter how ancient they were, to see if we were dressed appropriately enough for their lofty establishments. I used to use Franks as a test for gowns to see if they asked me to change LOL. I am still wondering why they so closely vetted women coming in? Were men using Franks as a meat market? Did women go there alone to find a man?

I was accused of dressing like a whore to get a man by one of the staff while I was wearing this gown…

As you can see the skirt is ever so lightly sheer. Sheer was against their rules (with panties). This whole scenario is written out in detail here.. When is a Dress Code Taken too far? That blog post of mine got me banned from all 3 sims forever banned.

This next screenshot was from a staff member a couple years back….

As soon as I walked in I was cammed up close and personal then with using a terrible and bright WL they snapped this pic of me and sent to me as proof that I needed to change and come back. They cammed my hooha as proof. This gown was new and was the Breeanna gown from Blueberry. At the time many women tried to wear this there and all of them were turned away. How upsetting for Gizem. Yes I should have worn the solid version but I was covered up with panties but if you look sideways and in like this woman did to me she could prove her point. How unfair.

One time 5 or 6 years ago I tried to go there with a friend of mine and we brought our neko kitty friend with us. The nico kitty avatar was a girl and she was so cute and amazing. I miss her. But anyway she chooses to be a nico kitty girl. Franks would not let her in at all. Our evening was ruined because of this. We argued and talked to Nanceee in length and she would not budge. The RP of this place is “adult human” with very strict dress code. They will not let women in who dress under their standards and also won’t let in paying VIPs who are not human. Thats fine I guess it’s her venue and rules but still. People have paid 1000L to join to only be turned away.

My personal opinion is that well dressed avatars who have paid the group fee should be let in to enjoy. It’s prejudicial to lovely people not to. But it is all coming to an end now. All FEG sims are shutting down on the 23rd of November 2019. Frank’s Entertainment Group is Closing!

Even though I have my personal opinion here I feel like I will not be bullied online by devout VIPs who think Franks can do no wrong. I will not be treated as I have been nor will put up with others experiencing the same. This is my blog and I declare my FREE SPEECH. Although in the past I did have good times there…. I and many others have had terrible times that we did not ask for. I am not Franks favorite blogger nor am I their favorite VIP. (Banned from all 3 sims) Since I am so well hated you can see the comments to this blog post.. When is a Dress Code taken too far? I received a ton of backlash from this blog. I won’t be bullied.

I just had to get this off my chest. Why?? Because I can.

If you are looking for other places to visit you may want to try Ambrosia Entertainment Group.

AEG ROCKS!!!! If you have not been to Ambrosia, Rez and Grind.. you still can even after all these years! Hugs Phil ❤ All AEG links are here and the best chat group too you can join. That AEG VIP Chat is 99L to join! Well worth it!


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8 Comments Add yours

  1. Jussy says:

    IMO – Frank’s is outdated at best. Overly rigid “rules” that aren’t followed by staff but inflicted upon “members.” $1K fee and for what? Outdated builds that haven’t even tried to keep up, System avatars that look like they are run by Octogenarians, boobs the size of yoga balls…and the people there aren’t all that friendly. They’re so fake it hurts!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. That’s a good start to a list. Yes, they were a bit extreme towards paying VIPs.


  2. You are so right. An outdated ancient place that existed to rip of the people and to pet the ego of the bouncers.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tsuki says:

      Hi! I honestly don’t care about FEG, I went there a couple of times many years ago, they were nice to me but, I am the type of people that strictly follow rules, so they didn’t have reasons to be unkind.
      However… There was a time when I took my sl sisters to Ambrosia to celebrate one of the girl’s birthday, my sisters talk only in Spanish and they where just talking on the local chat until one of the hosts told us to leave. I asked why and she said, talk in English or leave. We created a group chat and started talking in there but the mood was not the same anymore. We left and I never went back to any of the AEG sims.
      I do understand they can put whatever rules they want, being a dress code or a specific language, however they could have been polite and ask nicely.
      I thought I’d share, have a nice weekend you all. 💜

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Sounds like an odd day for the staff. But still yeah they wanted you to talk in english in local which is ok.. rude from the get go is not ok 🙂


      2. Think of it this way… while talking in local do you want everyone to understand you? or not? Being new and not realizing that you can IM is one thing but to speak in another language in local just because you can and not listening to staff or being kind is another story. I would prefer other languages spoken in IMs unless the venue is actually international or of the language you are speaking. This is personal thoughts on the matter. There had to be a reason for staff to boot or ask you to leave.


  3. noowun Wind says:

    I feel ambivalent about Franks closing. I met some good friends there – friends I’ve had for many years. But I have also had encounters with their overly fastidious rules.

    I was once asked to leave because I was wearing a suit without a tie. Huh? Really?

    But the incident I recall most vividly was the time I was approached by a staff a member and asked if I was a pimp! Surprised and bemused I said No… I wasn’t. I was then asked why I had a group in my Groups list that included the name “Hooker”? I laughed and advised the staff member that that was the surname of a highly regarded jazz singer in SL. I was still asked to leave. I asked to see the staff members manager who agreed with the staff member and said I should leave. I then asked to talk to their manager. I didn’t get to but they clearly did as they finally returned and advised Nancee Sinatra had decreed I could stay. That’s when I left.

    I’m grateful for the fact that I’ve met some wonderful people there – but I don’t miss their preciousness at all.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow that is crazy. Well things should be different now but I wouldn’t know since I am still forever banned. LOL


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