Do You Want to Change Your Last Name in Second Life?

Linden Lab is working hard to make it possible for us to change our names in Second Life. New World Notes Blogged about it recently and I will leave a link to his post. You will want to check out Wagner James Blog-NWN and click the survey…

Here are Linden Labs plans and info..

The one thing about the last names is that you will only be able to pick from a list that is created just like in the old days of SL. But.. here’s the catch…YOU CAN HELP CREATE that list to choose from. YEP. I will be looking into more info on that little tidbit of information. Because I will make the name “Magick” and option.

Once Magick is an option anyone who chooses that name will therefore be related to the Gen-X Heather of SL. LOL. Let me explain…. I was joking in the comments to a blog about Gen-X people like myself being the bitches that everyone loves to hate and their name is always Karen. Then I was reminded about the movie titled “Heathers.” Remember that movie? Hahaha! So like in my mind since I am the Gen-X online with my blog that people love to hate I must be a “Heather.”

Here ya go. You can watch “Heathers” if you have never seen it LOL

Oh ok ok, I am not really a “Heather.” People actually like me because I am nice… LOL But it’s really fun to be humorously bitchy am I right? Anyway, I am looking forward to not having “Resident” as a last name I mean how silly does that look and it takes up a lot of space. “AmandaMagick Resident” looks foolish. I would much rather be “Amanda Magick.”

Anyhow please check out the Linden Labs details link I shared and the NWN Blog ok? I for one am looking forward to the changes coming about with Second Life.

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Orca Flotta says:

    “Shall I call the manager for you, Karen?”

    Best thing happened just the other day. Some obnoxious – and very very stupid – teenie called me Karen and boomer in one sentence. 😮

    Liked by 1 person

  2. loved that movie and oh I might as well keep my silly old name.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah we will see about name changes. I had forgotten about that movie until I was searching around for 80’s movies. Wasn’t there a Heathers 2? Maybe it’s my imagination. LOL

      Liked by 1 person

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