I am moving…. Second Life Blogger is Taking a Break.

You may have noticed that I am rather quiet on this blog and not doing much in Second Life. Well, I am preparing to move to England to be closer to my mum, relatives and dear friends. Our lives take twists and turns and my midlife crisis is to pack up and move. I know it’s not the best timing with Brexit and all….. but I have to do what I have to do. It looks like I am moving Jan. 10th (plane leaves on the 9th) although I was shooting for October. Things are taking longer that are not my fault. I am feeling aggravated.

I know the political climate is high in the USA and the UK. If you know me on FB I share SL and RL on my account. Notice my links at the bottom to follow me everywhere if you want to. Breathes deep… starting my life over again and learning the road rules in the UK, getting my medical issues sorted out there are among a few of the stresses of a move this BIG. Wish me luck, no customs issues, no flight issues and a lovely trip. I tell you what… I am so nervous!


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Needful knowledge for the UK!!!

I am nervous about driving in the UK. I am a great driver in the USA and I love it but the different road rules and opposite side of everything has me feeling a bit ill.

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  1. Welcome back to this lovely country and wish you all the best for your future return.

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  2. Aah good luck with the move!

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  3. Awww you will be fine honestly. Takes no time to settle in and I bet your family cannot wait to see you. New adventures is what life is all about.

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