Second Life Viewers and Mac OS Catalina

I am not an expert. But as far as I know from looking around… Mac OS may not be working with OpenGL in the future. How far in the future? I don’t know… maybe in the year 2020.

OpenGL and Mac OS Catalina: So far it looks like SL Viewers are working on Catalina (with some crashing for some people but we will have to read the tea leaves on whether this will continue in 2020. So far I am going to say NO because Apple will not support OpenGL. They would rather use their OWN metal.

Oh did you see the 60,000 dollar Power Mac ad?

It is competing with supercomputers from 5 years ago that took up whole rooms. So you have to make a decision. Do you want 2 new cars or one of these BAD BOYS.

Could “moltengl” solve the Mac opengl problem?

Me personally since I am moving to england very soon, I am not updating this Mac to Catalina. Even though I LOVE Apple and have been a Mac girl since 1994…. LOL…. I cannot justify getting the new Mac Pro. Nor can I continue to use Macs for my virtual world escapades like Second Life. Even though it’s perfect for all of my other computer needs, gaming is not one of them.

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  1. For what it’s worth, I’m not planning to upgrade to Catalina any time soon, and in fact I might wait until the next macOS release. Besides the loss of support for 32-bit apps, there’s just too many bugs and issues with Catalina for my liking. Hopefully by then the OpenGL situation will be clearer, too.

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  2. All the best over the holiday Amanda and so exciting that you will be in the UK in January!!!

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  3. Orca Flotta says:

    Hard times to be a Macster now, isn’ it? But it was clearly to see, since at least 10 years, that Apple would betray its customers and only the most hardcore cult-followers would go with them until the very sad end. And when you say “Even though it’s perfect for all of my other computer needs, gaming is not one of them.” you mean SL, right? Because SL ain’t a game per se but it’s built on outdated games tech. So you need a better graphics card than you usually find in Macs.

    Come on, jump over your own shadow and get a beefy gaming PC. It’ll be much cheaper than Apple shit and you can put some Linux OS on it, which is much closer to MacOS than Windows.

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