welcome to my holidays

I found this by accident and I am by amazed the holiday beauty. I hope you will read this blog and go get some things for yourself in SL. This time of year is my favorite and when I see such beauty it makes my heart happier. This time of year for me right now is also very stressful and anything to relax my mind is good. Happy Holidays Everyone!


pieces of my {s}life

When Tiffany and Dylan asked me in November to do a Christmas House spread for the December issue of Eclipse, I thought, “No Problem! I’ve got plenty of time!” What I didn’t take into account was I was also just going back to work after being home for months dealing with my health. Once back to work… let’s just say it’s been one of the biggest challenges I’ve ever dealt with. I don’t know myself as someone who can’t anything. And most days, I just can’t a LOT.

Some of you may have noticed I haven’t posted as much. I’ve had to suspend most all blogging for now, as it’s taking all I’ve got just to work. Nights and weekends, I’m pretty much toast after working all week. I didn’t expect this. I thought I’d keep getting stronger, but it’s not going that way.

It took more than I thought…

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