A New Franks Jazz Club in Second Life

There is a new Frank’s Jazz Club in Second Life. This new place is very similar to the old venue. It looks similar and funnily enough the owner of the previous Franks venues is on the Always Banned list of this new Frank’s Jazz Club. It seems to me that someone took up the reigns and made their own with the same name, same feel, same build and even a free gift for men and women just like the old Frank’s used to do. The person who built this establishment is not available by his profile for any chit chat and seems to me to be very non policing. He is a one month old avatar probably and alt of some kind… “Frank (mrsinatrafrank)” Here is one of his Picks on his profile…

Can you believe that immediately this sim has over 45k visitors a day? I am not surprised at all. But I wonder what Mr William Zeta thinks about this that took the reigns over for the real Frank’s Elite Jazz that is still there? I had no idea someone built this copy cat Frank’s Jazz. I thought people had lost their minds and were referring to the Franks Elite that NEVER closed and just switched owners. But no everyone was right… There is another new Frank’s Jazz Club and it is a copy cat but it is not policed by managers and hosts at all. There seems to be NO STAFF. Just radio as far as I can tell. But it is still drawing in all the original Franks Club Rats.

Also another thing I took note of about this new Franks…… I could get in and am not banned forever. I am standing there right now. LOL. Hey… I’ll take it. But it’s weird having no staff. No DJ… but people still go there anyway and donate too.

Franks Jazz Club LM.

I know my blog is supposed to be on break but I thought I better blog real quick. Maybe you want to check it out too. Hey you know me and that I like to share stuff and gossip too. I hope you all are having a Merry Christmas and very Happy New Year!!!

There is a mall as well….

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  1. Orca Flotta says:

    Reblogged this on Thar Blows Xmas! and commented:

    LOL, it didn’t take long for a remake ofFrank’s Jazz, did it? Please read Amada Magick’s report for all the spicy details:

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    1. Thank You Orca!!! Yes it didn’t take long at all and I didn’t believe it. So last night I decided to do a search of it in world and found it. “And what to my wondering eyes should appear but ….. a direct copy of the old Franks Jazz Club that all the noobs went to and can still go for free and stand around LOL!!”


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