UPDATED! Fashion Models in Second Life: A Fad That Has Come and Gone?

Kristel’s Blog has referrenced my blog post from 2017. This topic is still relevent today and many wonder what is happening to the high fashion runway scene in SL. It is still there but it is not mainstream anymore like it was back in the premesh days. Why is this? Please read this blog and also read my blog link at the end of it. This is a great topic of discussion!! THANK YOU Kristel for mentioning my blog!

Kristel's Blog

UPDATED! Fashion Models in Second Life: A Fad That Has Come and Gone?

Images taken from theBeauty of Rehanablog…quick, somebody get this model a sandwich, she must be starving! She looks hangry

At one time, there were literally hundreds of avatar fashion models in Second Life, who would be hired to perform in virtual fashion shows for designers, and even work as mannequins in stores. In fact, Vanity Fair worked for a couple of years as a mannequin/model for the avatar fashion designers Lemania Indigo and Lestat Reuven, back in ye olde pre-mesh clothing days. She got free outfits in exchange for standing in the store for a shift, showing off the latest fashions and occasionally answering a question from a shopper.

Nowadays, it would appear that there are more modeling schools and agencies in Second Life than actual modeling jobs! There’s even a blog to keep track…

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