Go Pro or Go Home! Second Life Flickr Users are UNHAPPY.

Many Second Life people who are using the free account at Flickr are upset about some of their accounts being suspended. I think the problem is that they are sharing links in the discription that they are not allowed to do. I have heard that they are being given no warning beforehand either. I am not sure if that is true though. I mean we all know how people don’t really read or notice import information like that. Flickr has had this information in their TOS forever and it’s nothing new really. But I never heard of people accounts being taken down until now.

I know 1000 images for a free account really sucks. People were stuck between a rock and hard place when that change happened. They had to decide to go Pro or clear out their accounts until they were under 1000 pictures. Many people went to Instagram which I don’t like because it cuts the pictures into a square and they are small and hard to zoom in on and see properly. Many are happy with it though. Some people went to Avatlife or PixelVr or DeviantArt among others. It’s hard to find a place with as much exposure as Flickr though.

I found a quick blurb about guidelines at Flickr… https://www.flickr.com/help/guidelines

Here is a zoom in on the important part…

Help Forum Post: Are SLurls and Marketplace links permitted?

So it looks like if you are a free account that you are not allowed to post marketplace links or any links that take you to a payment page. However you CAN post blog links, SLurl map links. But anything that is business related in making payments is a NO. People are getting all bent out of shape with thinking they can’t post any links in their discriptions which is not quite true.

I must admit that having a pro account is much nicer and I don’t have to worry about a limited amount of images either. Hopefully we can all gather the right information for eahcother and share it so people stop freaking out on Facebook.

So here is Flickrs new billing: 2 years of Pro= £87.84 Or for 1 year it’s: £44.76 (Sorry need to convert to dollars for my USA friends). Take a look here… Flickrs Billing Upgrades.

So USA dollars would be: 1 years= $58.36 and 2 years= $114.52

I know the fees for pro are dear for some people and is a bit to swallow but if you plan on having pro hopefully you can budget it into other expenses if you really need it. There are no other places I have found with so much exposure but if you can’t afford Flickr Pro then maybe try some other places and get them going.

I just wanted to talk about this and if the title of this blog looks bitchy… I only titled it that way because it’s catchy LOL. We all need to chill out and figure out what is important to us in regards to SL. So lets stay good to eachother and have a great time. I have made some great friends in SL and this online life be it SL or blogging has been a savior to me.

Check out this post by New World Notes! He got some info that I didnt’t.

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  1. thanks Amanda for posting this. I have not reached my limit yet and am not sure if I want to be forced into paying for what was once free but I guess nothing stays free for long! lol.

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  2. nancytoocool says:

    Thank you for clearing some of these things out! That external link situtation is kind of confusing to say the least… I understand the reasoning behind it but it seems that it does not have the desired effect, at least not among the Flickr using SL community.

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  3. John says:

    Reblogged this on KULTIVATE.

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