Cabin Fever Because of the Coronavirus? Use Second Life for Socialising!!!!

Ok so I have been hangin at the new Franks Jazz Club and a guy meantioned that maybe this is a good time to advertise Second Life. It’s a great option for socialising from your own home instead of going out in public. Everyone is scared to death of the coronavirus and buying up everythign at the store. Some people are working from home and some people won’t go out in public at all unless they really need to. People are shopping online and having it delivered, finding out they can’t buy toilet paper … the list goes on and on doesn’t it?

When I am outside walking the doggie I am afraid to cough with anyone looking because they might think I have it… the scare is real. I blame the media. But really, how do you feel about it all? People can’t fly. Italy is on shut down I heard and the virus is spreading like wildfire in England and America. Will America finally move toward a natl healthcare? What will happen that can help everyone? They say wash your hands well. So I wonder why people think they need tons of toilet paper? What are they going to do wear it? Calm down and just buy what you need and don’t doomsday prep. Thats not necessary is it?

You need to socialise we all do. Use Second Life. We can stay home and visit with all through Second Life! Get your friends in here. Show them how to set up an avatar. I firmly believe that Second Life is the answer to our cabin fever.

Introduce your friends to destinations that you like!!!
Show your friends the best fashion you love! This is my favorite Paris Metro Couture!!
Paris Metro Couture and SL Fashion Shows. Lets bring back Runway Fashion!
Introduce your friends to the SL Art Scene! —CybeleMoon Selkie and Seals–Paris Metro Art Gallery
The Fairy Masquerade Ball by Myself–AmandaMagick. This was in my own art show at Paris Metro Art Gallery back in 2016 But right hnow Cybele Moon is there still.
How about the Club Scene? What is your favorite?? This is Babylon Berlin that I give advice to and took some pics for promotion.
Do your friends like events? There are amazing venues and parties and events in Second Life!! Check the Destination Guide online!!
This is my home in Second Life!
My Premium Account victorian home!!

What I would like to see is more real life education in Second Life. This used to happen way back in the past. There were some classes and universities in SL for forums and such. This is a great place for getting people together in one place all around the world!!!!!! Show your friends how to join and make an avatar!

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Paris Metro Couture and the Paris sims in Second Life!!!

So I think staying safe with coronovirus is important. Be mindful and wash your hands. Be mindful of public places and if you have cabin fever like I do…. jump into Second Life and bring your real life friends in as well!!! I LOVE SECOND LIFE. DON’T YOU??? DON’T BE GREEDY AND SHARE IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS!

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