PlantPets SALE! Second Life and RL feelings of anxiety. STAY AT HOME save the NHS and humankind as we know it.

I have not written a blog in a good while because real life here is hard with the covid-19 and getting situated in England. I have been here since January 10th and I had no idea my anxiety would rear its ugly head so badly. But thank god I am in a position now to sit in my blog and Second Life since we are on a strict STAY AT HOME ORDER here in England. I watch America from over here and I worry about my daughter and family over in America and hope and pray they are STAYING THE F AT HOME. This is no silly matter and I don’t care about you or anyone wanting their personal human rights and wanting to do whatever they want. This about everyone around you and everyone around them. Humanity as a whole needs to come together and help each other by staying home and checking in on loved ones to see if they are ok.

I know I am making this blog mostly about real life and thats ok. I need to. I love everyone around me and everyone who reads this. I love all my followers and readers as well as everyone I know in Second Life. I hope everyone is keeping safe and staying home. We all can escape in SL. I need to for my sanity. So today I have been in SL watering my PlantPets. In case you didn’t know, PlantPets are the oldest breadables or almost the oldest in SL.

From here on out until further notice and maybe forever, all of my plantpets are on sale for 150L or less. But there is one exception, the ultimate limited rares like The Caladium Nightsahde and such are not because it’s very hard to breed a seed for them. So I have only 2 PlantPets for sale that are not 150L. They are the going rate which is in the thousands. So if you have not started up PlantPets and want to try please feel free to come on by and get some ok?

Magick’s PlantPets LM

I want all of us to be able to escape into SL and enjoy it without spending too much money. LOVE YOU ALL and please please please stay safe and STAY HOME!

To all the essential workers out there risking their very lives and their families to do the right thing…. THANK YOU!!! You are true HEROES!!!!!!

The Caladium Nightshade

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