Many Realms – One Vision. Fantasy Faire 2020: Building A World Without Cancer

My dear friend Tah is featured in Fantasy Faire 2020. It starts really soon and I am far too late in being a blogger for it but I always blog for my best friends. Fantasy Faire 2020 will be amazing!! Look for my next blog very soon for Tahiti Rae.

–love AmandaMagick

Fantasy Faire 2021

As difficult as it is now to imagine, once upon a time there were no Fairelands.

There was no mysterious, mercurial island called Junction, no Bardic Order nor Queen to lead it. Worldmakers did not walk among us. Dragons did not carry ships aloft while people danced on the deck below. Once upon a time, there were not even tiny critters keeping the peace, brandishing the badge of the Fairelands Watch.

Inconceivable as it may seem today, once upon a time we were not Fairelanders.

Over the last twelve years, all that changed. How? How did we – all of us including you – bring about such a monumental change that we can now scarcely believe it was ever otherwise?

The simple answer is that we just decided to.

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