*TRB* A Woman’s Touch @ Fantasy Faire 2020 April 23 – May 1

The Fantasy Faire is now open!!  Many a fantastical thing you will see as well as some that are unseen. May our Anne Boleyn be quietly wandering the walls of many castles and beautiful places.

My favorite is…

A Woman’s Touch by TRB~Tahiti Rae Builds~

Will I be remembered when I am gone?

Will my ghost beautifully roam these walls and hedgerows?

Will my breath follow on the breeze long after?….

Will these walls tell my story if one listens?….

My heart bleeds.

My broken pieces remain scattered throughout time and space.

My love still carries on……

Find me.

–Love, Anne

Anne Boleyn–Love Henry

ღ -.¸·´·.¸.A Woman's Touch.¸·´·.¸.- ღ c. 2009 by Tahiti Rae TRB – Tahiti Rae Builds Decorate Home and Body with Emotion A boutique for ladies & gents

LM: TRB – A Woman’s Touch at Fantasy Faire 2020

LM: A Woman’s Touch By TRB Tahiti Rae Builds  

All other Tahiti Rae (LEA Builds) I have Blogged

Be Aware that The Fantasy Faire is a major multi sim event and you may have issues with lag and other unpleasantness. Please dress for the occasion if you like and turn your settings down as much as you can. Do not wear tons of huds and be respectful of others and do not wear animated pets. Common courtesy with wearing less and being kind go a long way! This faire is AMAZING and you may need several visits to see it all. But my favorite creator is A Woman’s Touch by Tahiti Rae Builds and I highly recommend paying her a visit.

TIPS: With SL acting up in the last week (due to a cut fiber line, internet connectivity issues and temp workarounds with LL, here’s a couple navigation tips:

  • to avoid TP crashes, click teleport, then immediately minimize SL on your computer for 5 to 10 secs. When you maximize SL again, you will have arrived
  • Toggle CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+4 to derender avatars, including yourself
  • Toggle CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+2 to derender transparencies, i.e. some trees
  • Lower draw, complexity and scripts on your avi

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