The Firestorm CareKitty!!! By KittyCatS

I have had KittyCats almost as long as I have been in Second Life. The Firestorm KittyCats are the most collected I think because they are always for a very limited time to get them and are usually celebrating Second Life’s birthdays. They are not breedable, do not need food to stay alive and they live forever and will be replaced for you if you should ever lose them. They only need your love and that it is debatable because all they do is give you love always. What a better time than this in our lock down and scare with Covid-19 than to have a lovely KittyCat telling us nice things and making us happier? If you have never gotten a KittyCat before now is your chance and in the package there is a certificate for 2 baby kittens of your very own to raise and breed. This Firestorm and KittyCatS gift is to help ease our sadness in this diffecult time. —AmandaMagick

Presenting the KittyCatS! CareKitty!
a gift from KittyCatS! & our friends at Firestorm

…”On behalf of all of us at KittyCatS! we send our deepest condolences to those who have lost loved ones during this Pandemic, and to all who have suffered in anyway. It has touched us all, and we’re reminded how connected we all are.

Your new kitty will need no food, and will live forever. Should it ever get lost, we will replace it.

Additionally, we are including a coupon for a FREE pair of kittens which will grow to adults (in 7 days) and can give you a little kitten! We’re including this should you want to have the fun experience of watching your  little cats grow, “fall in love” and have a little cute kitten! The pair comes with 2 weeks worth of food too!

Please receive these gifts with all our love,

Your KittyCatS! Team…”

SL Website page for the CareKitty.

KittyCatS Website page. Go Get Yours!

My PlantPets Marketplace!!!

As always please remember that Paris Metro Couture has gone to real life and you can shop online ok? Paris METRO Couture Website

Paris METRO Couture in Second Life’s Landmark!


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