An Off-topic Post…IMVU. Admit that you have been there ok?

IMVU Co-founder Eric Ries states that… “It’s not an acronym; it doesn’t stand for anything.” This is what i found when I searched what IMVU stands for in relation to the virtual metaverse and social game. I don’t know how accurate wikipedia is but here is IMVU on there for some light reading. I tried IMVU over 8 years ago and didn’t stay very long. I had like one or 3 friends in there and I never got the hang of fixing up my avatar and working my way around the platform very well. My attention span didn’t last long. I found it diffecult shopping and I had other issues with it since I was on a Mac. I can’t remember if I couldn’t use the website at all or if I could not get inworld at all but it was an issue that it was not available for Mac in some way until several years ago. Needless to say I totally gave up. Shortly after that I jumped into Second Life but thats a whole different story for another time.

Well anyway, about a year ago I decided to make an account at IMVU again just for fun to see the differences between it and Second Life… once again I did not stay very long and gave up on trying to make my avatar better and quite frankly the finesse with jumping from node to node in a room was quite annoying for me and I was totally not very graceful and got aggrivated. I left again. Although this time I had written down my login credentials so I was able to get back in.

Jump to present time now. Ever since this covid-19 and lock down I have time on my hands. Until I can really get used to England and find myself here I am amusing myself with mix of walking the dog, chores, social media, blogging and virtual worlds. A dear friend of mine is a deriver in IMVU and has been making her textures in order to build rooms there as well as creating for the “furry” users of IMVU. She makes enough credits doing that in there to keep her out of mischief. So I decided to log in again…. Luckily I have had much help from DezertBLU and she has been showing me the ropes with how to move my view and how to get to nodes that are really far away in the larger rooms. Not only that but she has also been showing me how to move objects around too so that I can decorate my surroundings in there. One of these days I am going to blog her. She is my sister friend in real life for 30+ years and it’s good to have her friendship here in england and online. I have also been helping her in Second Life as well recently but again that is for another blog as well.

One thing I have noticed in IMVU is that some rooms you can tell are derived or built with items that look like the deriver is also in Second Life. Or maybe it’s a simple case of SL items being pinched and sold in IMVU which happens all the time. At anyrate because of this sometimes I feel right at home in IMVU until I remember that I have to jump to a node to pose on instead of simply walk, run or fly like in Second Life. To me its very limiting getting around when I am used to SL. But one thing and maybe the only thing I love about IMVU is that when you click to wear something….. it just goes on and fits with no problems. There are no issues with this mesh body and that mesh head and classic this and classic that to worry about. You just click and wear. You don’t have to worry about alphas and animation glitches nor do you have to worry about editing something with the arrows in edit mode to wear it where its supposed to go. Nope.

Anyway, I have been in IMVU recently again and have managed to snap a few pictures but for now I am sharing one because I accidentally trashed all the rest FML!!!. These are nothing like the pictures I take in Second Life. It is very limiting taking pictures and I found that I need to do the old screenshot to get what I want into the picture how I want it. So the quality of IMVU pictures are abysmal to say the least. But here it is….

AmandaMagick in IMVU. If you are there feel free to add me and say that you followed me from the blog ok?

IMVU in my elven ears sitting in a room that my friend DezertBLU was decorating.

On an interesting note, when I tried to share my IMVU profile link on Facebook I was told that it goes against community standards. So here it is on my blog website. I wonder if IMVU accounts are being targeted on FB now? I also wonder why they are so different in comparison to Second Life accounts? I have my personal opinion that I will keep off this blog since I am trying to enjoy IMVU atm HAHA!


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