Lord Eldon Inn, Knutsford, Cheshire

For an off topic post on my blog, this is about the paranormal this time instead of the virtual world of Second Life. I have been interested in the paranormal for as long as I can remember and have been part of an investigation team in the past. Since I have moved to England I am itching to be part of it again when lock down ends. I came across this blog by accident while scrolling my groups on Facebook. I thought wow! how awesome its a wordpress blog! So I am sharing this post here at my blog!

I hope everyone is getting through this hard time ok. For me it’s day by day and hour by hour. Paranormal investigation is one of the things I have been wanting to do here among many other things of course. I will be reading through Team Spirit Paranormal’s blog and they are very thorough…

Anyway I hope everyone has a great day and is working on being happy.


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eldon innHistory

The Lord Eldon Inn is a small public house in Knutsford which has been the sense of paranormal disturbances for some time. The incidents there were brought to people’s attention by an article in the Knutsford Guardian. Some investigators met and interviewed the new owner of the Eldon. There were some interesting facts obtained relating to the paranormal activity said to have taken place. The Lord Eldon is over 300 years old and is apparently referred to as ‘Location 9’ by the brewery. The pre-conclusion at this time was that some type of localised interactive disturbances were taking place!

There was a photograph found in an outhouse structure of a young woman hanging inside the Lord Eldon a number of years ago. The photograph dates from around 1920’s-1940’s. You can tell this by the clothes and hair. The woman was thought to be Sarah Anne Pollitt. We do not…

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