Summer Solstice Stonehenge LIVE!!

For the first time ever in history witnessing the sunset and sunrise at Stonehenge is now possible via live feed. The English Heritage Foundation is streaming right now via facebook and YouTube. Stonehenge is CLOSED so you cannot go there due to Covid-19. But you can view it and enjoy via live feed instead for the 2020 summer solstice.

No matter where you are in the world, no matter how locked down you are do to COVID-19… you can still meditate at Stonehenge right in the comfort of your own home.

Screenshot from the live feed.


This is truly amazing for me, having my feet up with a cup-a tea and streaming this on the huge TV screen 🙂 HAPPY SUMMER SOLSTICE TO ALL!!

I am just a bit upset about having to hear the traffic in the background though. There is a carriageway nearby to the anger of all and many years of debate on what to do about that road to preserve the countryside and do away with the noise pollution. Stonehenge needs better respect than that.

sunrise at Stonehenge.

English Heritage Website

English Heritage Youtube

Today Saturday is the longest day of the year as if they are not already long enough here in England compared to the United States LOL. Recently here where I am sunrise is starting shortly after 4am and then sunset is not until as late as 10pm… it’s BONKERS!!! I think I need a sleeping mask for my eyes at night because the dark hours are so few. LOL The birds are in full sing near 4:15-4:30am

Anyway I wanted to share this amazing event since it means so much to me. Have a great summer solstice everyone!!

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