1 Liner Manor by Cira Emor and Tahiti Rae ~Second Life~ You’re Invited!

A manor like you have never ever seen before in Second Life, built by none other than Cira Emor and Tahiti Rae……. The suspense was built as the manor was carefully constructed with low lag, low vertices and low script, low memory scripts only and restricted vertices in the mesh for your pleasurable SL experience. If only more destinations in Second Life were built with this attention to running detail…..

Sitting nestled in the Afar Realms mountains Lord and Lady Witzinger’s spirits linger inside the 1 Liner Manor where epic one-liners reign!

Are you witty?

Are you funny?

Are you clever?

Are you handsome or beautiful?

Are you resourceful?

Come and role play your clever witty writing skills and humor.

Please take note that I am still looking for … the vase that is named .. “An expensive place to spit.” There is great humor in 1 Liner Manor.

Lord and Lady Witzinger’s spirits may linger….

So I suggest NOT pulling their finger….

The Witzinger’s family, residents and staff are very colorful and unpredictable so you must have your wits about you and be ready…. but if you need it there are cheat boxes here and there.

1 Liner Manor LANDING POINT This landing point is very important so you must read up a little bit about the history and family, grab your proper attire with help from a notecard of merchants for clothes that are proper for the occasion, use the teleports you want to and then let your creative imagination and verbal skills shine!

You MUST check out the dueling oaks, ruins of the prior manor and the gardens of course!

ALL ROLE PLAY MUST BE IN ONE EPIC SENTENCE OR LESS. Role play and combat are totally optional.

Come DRESSED FOR THE MANOR in your best clothes and manners!

Manners can be bypassed if it’s epic!

Photography and videography are encouraged!

1 LINER MANOR – [by Afar Realms]
Where epic 1-liners Reign.
NEW Open Roleplay – (Loosely Elizabethan Jacobean Tudor era, circa. 1500-1700)

6 guest room rentals, vested Manor positions with benefits. Unity Maxim Meter optional.

Pose, stroll, outwit, beguile & beget!

Life can be boring without witty 1 liners that beg a response!!

Don’t forget to visit the Long Gallery for your rainy day walks and entertainment with others.

approaching the manor…this image is done by Tah.
A hare sleeps up on the hill.

1 Liner Manor History

England’s 1 Liner Manor was built in 1344, and has been continuously owned by the Witzinger family (Wit-zing-ah’). Its envied Italian design, notoriously completed by the Brotherhood of Masons, took so many years to construct, there was little time for anything else. Things had to be said in one line or less. These illustrious, masters of masonry unknowingly built a foundation of equally famous one liners. When the Witzingers partook, equally engaged, set forth were centuries of traditional competition. Even the Monarchy must mingle.

With no sons, Lord Witzinger thus granted the estate upon his twin sisters. The Lord’s daughters, and their two handsome cousins, remain desperately competing to elevate their station in the family aristocracy. These Lineshire Earls and tender-aged, dowry-laden daughters of peerage, have one goal in mind while stirring ancestors and pandemonium throughout the halls of 1 Liner Manor.

May your 1 Liner Adventure BEGIN!!!!

1 Liner Manor Landing Point

Lord and Lady Witzinger Welcome You!

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  1. what a marvelous introduction Amanda!!!!

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