New PlantPet Old Glory!! ~Second Life~ Happy 4th of July!!

I have been a PlantPet Breeder since my first few months in Second Life when I was a noob. I love plants and flowers in real life so having them in SL is nice because I can’t really kill them at least not for long LOL. You know it’s been a minute in SL since there has been a new plantpet. But this week on Friday there will be a new Lilac species. Lilacs are my favorite in real life and the scent calms me down. Here is the information from the notecard that was sent to us.

A new PlantPets species is coming out next Friday! We are releasing 8 new Lilac Bush PlantPets beautifully built by Roxy Bergiere! One of them is the limited edition Old Glory dedicated to the 4th of July. You can enter a drawing on Facebook to win Old Glory at this Facebook link. The winner will be picked live at 1 pm SLT on Friday, the 3rd of July at the release party in the PlantPets Main Store!

So try and make it on out to the party on Friday the 3rd!

FYI: PlantPets was founded in 2007 and they are intelligent growing and breedable plants. They are the second and longest existing breedable in SL. Please visit PlantPets Website for more information.

If you want to check out my PlantPets at home and buy a few here is my landmark. Magick’s PlantPets. I also have a marketplace store as well. I have great inexpensive prices of 150 L unless it’s a limited edition or limited seasonal, you know something that is hard to breed a same seed from. All plants breed seeds but the limited editions are less easy therefore the cost is extremely different. Also feel free to take the teleports around the sim if you like and sight see. We have a gallery and lounge if you find them. Second Life is what we make of it and my little spot in SL is a nice escape from all the shitshow in RL.

Evil Broccoli Scary- PlantPet 2.0

My Evil Broccoli Scary is my newest edition that I am growing among a few others I recently got. This broccoli is not finished growing but is doing well on the scare factor. I hope you will come and visit these awesome plants! Grab my links in this blog and have a great time in Second Life!!

PlantPets Website for ALL THE INFO you need.

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