Genus is BACK! ~Second Life~

I am so happy about Genus being back open. I spent a good part of my SL never getting Genus because I didn’t want to be bothered. I just sat back as the blogger I am and watched everyone else become Genus wearers and watched all blogs. I think I applied at one time to be a blogger? I don’t remember. Anyway I watched from afar everything that was going down right from the beginning and people getting the head early and all that. Finally, was it last year? or the year before I don’t remember… I bought the Strong Face and Classic. Instantly I did not have all the issues others were having. I tried a few skins and then fell in love.

The DCMA was a shock to me. I finally found something I love and then Genus closed down. All the gossip happening and Virtual Secrets and The Whisperer, everything everywhere had gossip. None of it stopped me from wearing what I love. I had found my most favorite skin ever in all my SL years “Violet by Not Found.” It looks so realistic and the shape they used is very close to my own custom shape I have worked on and worn for years. I flipped back and forth with Not Founds shape and my own shape and the only slight difference was the bitchiness of the eyebrows and even that was really close. I don’t know how they did it but I JUST HAD TO HAVE THAT SKIN!

I hope you go to Not Found!

AmandaMagick in Genus Classic and Violet by Not Found in Sorbet skin tone.

DCMAs are a serious claim to file and will do damage to businesses in SL when one files them. I don’t know who did it nor do I have any gossip on the matter. I am just glad Genus is back. Businesses in SL work just as hard as businesses in real life and being petty is just as annoying as in real life as well. Right now there will be lots of gossip. Scroll down my site here for all the links could ever desire to click including links to the gossip sites if you wish. But as for me… I am sharing the information from the notecard that was sent out in the Genus group….. I don’t like to spread gossip so I will spread the facts.

Dear friends!

Finally, we will be able to open the store again, we have received a response from Linden lab. Unfortunately, we do not know who sent the complaint, but I will deal with this issue. Meanwhile we were discussing this issue with LL, at the same time we’ve been upgrading and bug fixing for heads. So I have a little announcement.

Three major updates:
1. We are updating the head for a full-fledged BOM (Men’s head will be released in the new version of BOM with HD layers in all types of faces at once)
2. Updated design and optimization of HUDs
3. HD layer for eye shadow

Other updates concern bug fixes (for example, animation twitching), as well as adding various features – new normal maps, jaw options, etc.

Also, important note, since our discount promotion ended with the ban, we reserve the price of the promotion for an indefinite time.

Follow the release of updates in our inworld group, Facebook and Discord.

We love and hug everyone!
Genus Team ♥

Genus Project Landmark

Also, Naria Panthar has put out a video recently and I will share it here. Speaking of gossip…. there is a bit of it directed towards her on a regular basis. I pay no mind to it because she is a really nice person and I love her videos. So there is my opinion take it or leave it.


Happy days exploring Second Life to all my readers and HAPPY 4th of July even though I have moved to England now. Here is joke for you LOL…. go on laugh now!!!!

Entertaining phone call from America:

Customer service person: “What are you doing for the Fourth of July holiday, any big plans?
Me: “I live in the UK.”
Customer service person: “Oh, don’t they celebrate over there too? I thought they celebrated Independence Day.”
Me: “Um, no… since it’s celebrating independence from Great Britain it’s just a regular old day here, no celebration.”
Customer service person: “oh yeah that makes sense I guess.” 

More like Happy Good Riddance Day? LOL

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