A New Blog in my Real Life ~It’s Paranormal!~

I have been tossing around the idea of another blog site for my real life. A blog that I can write about more intimate things in my life. So today I did it. This new blog is about the paranormal in my life and higher self topics. Our higher selves are most important right now especially with the mundane lower vibration crap floating around right now that is bogging us down. I have lots of things to talk about that have happened throughout my life as far back as I can remember to when I was very very young.

This new blog will cover lots of topics that do not pertain to Second Life and so I truly hope you will follow me over there and hit that FOLLOW button, you will be glad you did. Not only that but I am truly hoping to become a “The Witches Box” affiliate. That’s a subscription box for all witches new and old. It’s truly and amazing box to have delivered with everything you need for that specific topic of the month. Totally exciting!! Here is a video from another affiliate Vlogger so you can see what it is… feel free to follower her affiliate link and possibly buy yourself something ❤

Here is the Witches Box site link.

I made this image myself so I did not have to use one of the images off the site without permission. I am waiting to find out if they accept me ❤

And without further ado here is the link to my new blog for everything paranormal and higher self worthy. You will also get a glimpse into my seedy past while I was growing up. Are you ready for that? If so…. the new blog has one post there to get you started.

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Magick Thoughts Paranormal back in the day and present day glimpses into the occult and growing up. CLICK THAT LINK AND FOLLOW ME THERE AND LIKE, SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE!!!

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