PlantPets are Beautiful!!!! Second Life

I am still at it these days with growing PlantPets. It’s a great SL hobby and people come and buy them once in a while which is bonus for sure! Some of these plants go for quite a bit of linden but I keep my prices down for everyone because we are supposed to enjoy SL and be able to afford to. Although, I do have a few that are painfully pricey because they are very hard to breed since they are elite rares or seasonal elite rares and you won’t find them from anyone for as good a deal as I have.

But by all means just send me a message in world if you want to make a deal. (winks)

These pictures are not edited in PS but I did sort of enhance them a tad. So when you visit the sim you will see there is not much difference to their beauty. SL is all about creativity, beauty, and enjoying ourselves. So why not start up a new hobby and grab a few plants from me.

They are such stunning plants to behold. My PlantPets shop I have did pretty well the other day. I was able to pay a weeks tier LOL. Thank you to my followers who click and go shopping it really helps me out in SL. I hope you are enjoying your SL and whatever I can do to help you I will and that means having my plants at affordable prices for you so you can enjoy your SL.

Take care all and don’t let anyone steal your joy in SL or in RL and I mean it!!

Magick’s Plantpets LM!!

My PlantPets Marketplace!!!

The Plantpets Main Store LM

Magick’s Plantpets LM!!

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