Firestorms 360 Snapshots Second Life.

I had to look around Firestorm and didn’t see right off where to find the new 360 snapshot feature. Luckily I asked my friend Vicky who was online and she knew. Incase you are wondering where to find it look here..

Top Menu Bar>Avatar scroll down>360 snapshot

Personally I think this feature needs it’s own toolbar button. That’s where I looked first was the buttons and then opened the window to see if there was a button a could grab and drag to my toolbar. NOPE.

But nonetheless, I have been playing with it today and I must say that this is super fun and a great feature to have! THANK YOU FIRESTORM!!!

These 360 images did not work here on WP like I anticipated so you will have to click these links to my Facebook posts which I made public for you.

My orangery landing spot on the sim.

Magick’s Library our RP spot in the sky which you can visit if you want to.

Library Landmark

The Statue Garden.

I wish they would have embedded properly so I suppose I need to look up the html to do that myself. At the moment my eyes are blurry from an eye exam… LOL

Now go find it for yourself and have some fun!!!

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