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Many will tell you that syndications or feeds are dead and no one uses them. Well, that is false and a lofty, lazy excuse not to use them. It took me a few years to gather these because I was waiting to see if they accepted me. Noone tells you if you are accepted so I look at my stats every day on WP to see where my viewers were coming from. So far these syndications are active and have given me some traffic. Yes, the traffic is slow but it takes time, serious time to build up activity from them. But once it is happening it’s a nice and good thing! Feel free to grab these and do what each of them says to and keep an eye on your blog stats to see where your hits are coming from. GOOD LUCK! –AmandaMagick


Avatar Model Feed

Be Happy In SL

Blogging Hub

Blogging Second Life–seems to be dead or gone

Definite Second Life

Fashion Blogs of Second Life

Feed Me!~SL Universe

Feedly Networking

Grid Syndicate


MAMAVA Bloggers Group

Metaverse Feeds

Miss SL Feed

Second Life Fashion Addict

Secondlife Feed

SL Fashion Bloggers Designers

SL Feed Plus

SL Style Daily Wire


The Look Index

Upps! feeds bloggers

Your Closet Feed

Paris METRO Couture~The Far East Beach skirt and halter top. Fits Maitreya, Belleza and Slink bodies.

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  1. onojabits says:

    I am amazed by the stuff shared in your blog. So much to learn. I will use all the links to drive traffic to my new website #

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Most of this site is referencing the virtual world of Second Life as well as all the links… but please feel free to use it all and share my site too!


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