LEA10~White Chapel London~Victorian Era~A MUST SEE!

I am excited about this build. So here is my short post with just a teaser of ONE artwork. I was there just long enough to dress up and snap one. I will go back later and enjoy more slowly! There are many wonderful artists exhibited here and so much feel of old victorian London….

Will You Evre? an LEA build by Tahiti Rae COMING SOON!

SHE’S NOT THERE YET!……… Abigail’s eyes are wide open as she wipes her face and stumbles. The warm breeze carries the soft music of children’s voices and causes the tall grass to stick to her face. As her heart thumps in her chest she steps even quicker as the grass wraps around her ankles trying…

“Evre” a Tahiti Rae Build ~Coming Soon!!~ Will You Evre?

It was a prideful home with strict rules and ridged values. Everything had a place and if you were not in yours…. you were in trouble. In those times a woman must remember her place and learn quickly especially if she were young and foolish as Samantha was. Being a rebellious young lady she had…

Luxe Box is Coming Soon! ~details here~

The newest SL shopping excitement! The Luxe Box. The deadline for joining the Luxe Box is coming! (you can copy paste this in a chat within Second Life and it will link the group) secondlife:///app/group/84947bf1-aa1a-1c1c-daa7-64c7a786131b/about The group opens up in world the 1st of every month through the 14th. You can like the Luxe Box…

Meet Kiana and Kess at SL13B

This will be a very nice event to show up for if you can! I LOVE Madpea! —AmandaMagick Reblogged on WordPress.com Source: Meet Kiana and Kess at SL13B

SL13B: participation applications are open

SL13B participation applications are open!!!! The years are clicking by so fast! what will another year in SL show us?—AmandaMagick Reblogged on WordPress.com Source: SL13B: participation applications are open