The Runway Perfect Hunt ~6th Edition~

The Runway Perfect Hunt edition 6 exemplifies the best of Second Life in elegance and excellence. With 50 stores participating Paris Metro Couture is honored to take part in this prestigious event with a beautiful gown for you to find that is perfect for the runway. It will run from May 1st – May 31….

Art in Hats 2015 ~Cherie~

I am so proud to be blogging a hat for the Art in Hats 2015 Event. What is Art in Hats you ask? Read more here.. About Art in Hats! Art in Hats is raising funds with Team Diabetes this November 4th. They are an authorized team of The American Diabetes Association. Read more here…..

Spooky Paris METRO Couture + Firestorm’s Spooky Nights Hunt!

Bonjour à tous, What’s New for the Ghoul… On the scariest night of all Deeply bloodied designs of a suit and gown For your Halloween Ball Web-o-lishous a special gown woven in a spiders pearls is very up-town… 450 L each. In the pumpkin patch of Paris A little witch has blossomed Who is the…