Second Life turns 17 as a shelter for its residents

I was looking through the Reader in WordPress and saw this wonderfully detailed blog about the SL17B. It is so well done that I am sharing it for my own knowledge and with you. I will be looking through Second Sighting by Ricco Saenz and hope you do too. —–AmandaMagick You have probably read all…

Second life turns 16 Lets Celebrate

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Can you believe it, Second Life is turning 16!!! With a 1950’s retro theme. So get those retro outfits on. I  remember when I first discovered this crazy land, back in 2003 when I saw something about it on the internet and thought I would have a look at it.…

SL16B Music Fest: performers and schedule

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The SL16B performance stage, venue for the Music Fest On Monday, June 17th, 2019, Linden Lab announced the line-up of performers and the schedule for the SL16B music festival. The Music Fest has been a part of the Second Life Birthday celebrations since SL12B in 2015.…

Meet Kiana and Kess at SL13B

This will be a very nice event to show up for if you can! I LOVE Madpea! —AmandaMagick Reblogged on Source: Meet Kiana and Kess at SL13B