The River of Shivers ~The Night Theater~ You Are Invited!

I just love The Night Theater and am looking forward these performances. Space is limited so please plan ahead and get your spot and show your support to the The Shadows Silhouette Dancers and The Night Theater. The Night Theaters performances are beautiful and wonderfully choreographed with attention to visual details… true candy for the soul….

You Are Invited ~Gedenspire Gallery 2~ Arab World Exotic and Mysterious!

The the world of deserts, mysterious cities, alluring harim beauties and proud warriors. Orientalism is the Near East as seen through the eyes of Western artists from Gericault to Picasso. Featured performance by the Oasis Dancers. At the Gedenspire II Gallery Saturday, May 27th – 12:00 pm slt …::::::::::AmandaMagick’s connections are as follows::::::::::…. Gallerie D’Magick~new…