The art you see here I have done slowly over the past 5 years. I am still searching through my archives to add more so come back often and visit. One of my greatest joys is playing in Photoshop and creating scenes for my art while inside the virtual world of Second Life. Sometimes you may not know if I built in world or am incorporating other media into my creations. This art is all of my own no matter what medium or media I choose to use. Photoshop, photography and creating in SL are a unique combination to illustrate my imagination.

***All effects and special things done to my images are all done by me in Photoshop. I don’t use quick fix applications of any kind.***

Feel free to comment below.

Courtesan Dreams
Courtesan Dreams
For the Love of Dior, Santorini Blue, 2014?

Water Petals




Thankful, LEA build Tahiti Rae 2016 EVRE


Annabel Lee


Paris Metro Couture


Annes Ghost, LEA Love Henry by Tahiti Rae 2015


Arch Dutchess, 1700s


finalFrench Artist Lonly Loon
Guardian, artist gown French Artist Lonly Loon. Paris Metro Couture


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