I have a healthy eating blog that is fairly new. I decided to start logging my recipes. I was recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes/Pre-Diabetes. It runs in my family and we are warding it off the best we can between my doctor and I. Metformin ER and being accountable for what I eat are helping me to keep Type 2 at bay. No sugar is very hard but I am doing it… low carb is a bit easier but still hard…. Please follow my WTF What The Fork blog!!!

potatoes fun knife fork
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What The Fork!!

Who knows maybe we will start a new community and make new friends here 🙂

Much Love,

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  1. v3lv3tkitten resident says:

    I have fought diabetes type II for several years, and the hardest thing for me is making people understand just how irritating it is to try to live a “normal” life, going out to eat sucks, going to someone’s house sucks, mentally counting carbs in your head or making sure you find the fiber to help reduce the carbs, it gets really depressing at times

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    1. I hear you!!!! it’s so hard and then to have a household who eats normally and you have to turn a blind eye 24 hours a day is so frustrating and anxiety inducing… every few days I want to cry when I have the munchies and I can’t have anything in my house that I am looking at.


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