Stop Blurring Your Pictures! ~Tips and Tricks~ Second Life

Everyone has their technique in editing their Second Life pictures. Everything from no editing at all right through to Photoshopping the holy hell out of it until the picture is no longer an SL picture but a unique work of digital art. When I started editing my pictures back in 2014ish… I was terrified of Photoshop and I had the commercial version of Photoshop 4. It was so intimidating to me but I knew that my Second Life pictures SUCKED in a deep major way. Also my pictures sucked for an additional few years after that even. I was slowly learning the basic things I wanted to do on my own time and eventually turned to youtube video tutorials.

I was looking up how to do things when I didn’t even know what to call it in Photoshop. I would look up vague things like how to fix rough edges and how to cut something out or how to change perspective of an object. What’s a layer? What’s a filter? How to make the picture sharp or crisp? How do I make sparkles? You know questions like that.

I was in love with many artists in SL and watched their flickr accounts dreaming of pictures I wish I could make. In my early days of SL I was in love with Ivoni Miles art work. She was nice to me back then for a bit. (I will leave that right there because it’s another blog post I will not go into here). Anyone that called themselves a photographer I looked up to in a way and I watched their stuff.

Back to the point of this blog post Amanda…. I know the title of this post is a bit of clickbait but that’s how you are supposed to do it am I right? There is a trend in the SL world of pictures and I see it on Facebook and Flickr everywhere from blogging pictures to snapshots and even upper echelon art so to speak. Is there an Upper Echelon you may ask? Yes there is. It’s the Second Life Fine Art Community as I call it. But this is another blog post I won’t go into here… (If you don’t know about it then now is a good time to explore it :)) ~it’s this time when parentheses don’t work. LOL.

Anyhow, what I am on about today is how to smooth your edges and fix any SL animation mistakes in your pictures. You do not need to blur the hell out of your picture or smudge lines and blur some more. You can simply go into Photoshop and turn the layer of your picture into a Smart Object and this makes your image to be able to revert and go back to change any work you have done and rework anything like if you change your mind or you mess up.

Once it is a smart object you can go up to the drop down menu and bring up the Liquify Filter. The liquify tool and all it does IS YOUR FRIEND you didn’t even know you had. I learned from the Phlearn Channel on YouTube. Here is the video for you to soak into your brain. HAPPY PICTURE EDITING!!! Now you don’t need to blur everything up anymore and if you do want to just use the Gaussian Blur filter with a new layer and then use your Eraser Tool to gently erase where you don’t want the blur.

Here are few images I have done over the years from really sucky up to hey that’s pretty good LOL.

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