Smiling Orchid Tree Limited Elite Lee. Second Life

I came into SL today to check on my PlantPets and see if I had any baby seeds ready. Well this beautiful Smiling Orchid Tree had a seed for me. I was not expecting for it to be the limited elite Lee. How beautiful is it? So I decided to make this blog so you can visit my PlantPets if you wish to and pick up this seed if it is not already gone. Look inside my PlantPets conservatory ok?

The PlantPet Smiling Orchid Tree Lee is a limited elite. It is in memory of Leeuwie Shepherd. Lee is the builder of PlantPets Anthurium, Croton, Marigold, Moth Orchid and the Smiling Orchid Tree.
Leeuwie Shepherd
(Aug 16, 1965 – Dec 4, 2014)

Magick’s Plantpets LM!!

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“In Search Of” is one of my favorite series and it stars Leonard Nimoy (1976). Yes I am showing my age now. This episode is about how plants communicate with each other and with us. They do have voices and talk in their own way. ENJOY this tidbit of plantienss. I have lots of plants in real life so these PlantPets are dear to my heart too.

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