When Avatars Go Wrong! TOS -Second Life-

When avatars go wrong in SL.

Violating privacy is serious business anywhere on the internet and with no exception Second Life has terms of service as well. Sharing personal chats and IM’s anywhere on the internet from SL is a violation Linden Labs TOS.

There has been controversy on whether sharing private conversations in a 3rd party platform is a violation or not since it’s outside the scope of Second Life. But, rest assured that I have gotten information from a trusted legitimate source that yes posting a private conversation elsewhere is in fact violating privacy laws.

This happened to me yesterday and I am fuming. A two hour long conversation was copied and pasted to a Flickr image. So I spoke to a friend to confirm the TOS who knows from the inside. I was advised to report the incident to Linden Lab with links and gyzos. So I did that and also reported the image with all my private IM text to Flickr as well. So now I am keeping an eye everywhere for more social platform griefing and actual griefing in SL from other alts of this person. People like this who are mentally unstable can do anything and make one alt after another while I am still banning all of them in the groups and land. This person is very intelligent and heavy with scripting knowledge, viewer knowledge and all around mayhem.

Look people are not what they seem in SL and we know that. You cannot trust people at first and need to be weary and hesitant. All I was doing was listening to him and trying to help for 2 hours. That was 1 hour and 50 minutes too long to spend on him. I am stubborn and kept it going while letting him vent it all out. I said things leading him along thinking I was possibly talking him through it. This is way too much energy to put into someone who is only trying to see how far they can get with you, to only then be accused of being an alt of someone else he used to be involved with.

My art style on Flickr is what made him think I were an alt of someone in his life which led him to follow me around and then stab me in the back while not believing a word I said to him. The HIVE MIND was all he was interested in.

I will end this here and just know that you CAN do some things if this happens to you. Report with a paper trail of links and screenshots. Report everywhere it is needed on social media. What happens to them after that is ON THEM. Enjoy your SL and be safe.

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