I went shopping today at Collab88. Its a friends birthday in SL and I wanted to look cute. I will be adding my outfit list to this post. Ok so onto the topic of this blog….

Lipstick and Lipgloss. I am wearing the LeL evo X head with he HD lips option.

I bought Sintiklia Lipstick Lola with the sparkle stars. SO CUTE!!!!!! I am in love.

But omg…. once again i buy lipstick sure to fit and guess what….. it does not. I know I should have tried the demo but I have faith and I just didn’t.

Take a close look at my lips. This lipstick does not fit the HD lips AT ALL anywhere. I am going to ignore it and wear it anyway though because I am stubborn. I don’t know if it only fits a certain LeL Evo X head or what but isn’t there a general guide to go by like a default HD lips thing to use when making these fun lipsticks?

Anyhooooooooo just my little rant for the day. I love you Sintiklia but….. I just had to blog it. This lipstick is STUNNING but it does not quite work for me.

What I am wearing….

CRY BB. heart-shaped hickies . full (new)
Kadin’s Physics (Casual – 4)
Vanilla Bae Whitney Heels – BOTH – eBODY Reborn
. Doe . Twinkling Stars Aura [twinkle glow] . Colors .
.GlitterGlam.Deluxe by Glitz
Insomnia Angel . Eleanor pearl necklace
Kibitz – Joelyn’s choker – silver [Peanut9]
MICHAN – Lumi Earrings [Lel EVOx] Human Ears
RAMA.SALONxSintiklia – Mathilde Hair
Veechi – Long Almond / Mesh Nail [EBODY REBORN]

[Glitzz] Ubert Dress – Black – Reborn
Not Found – (f) Maitreya Body Applier Normal Sorbet

Take Note: I am waiting for a Not Found body applier for the Reborn body.

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