Join Social VR and Pixel VR by Athayus Quan

The roller coaster rides of Facebook that people are screaming about are taking some to Social VR. Our Second Life posts from Flickr and various blogging platforms are sporadically being blocked by Facebook recently in several waves …. upsetting many. My website has been blocked in the past by FB and Instagram. I fought and blogged my woes and what I did to get it all fixed.

Getting Facebook’s attention is hard but you can do it… read how here. Second Life Blogs Blocked by Facebook Tips & Tricks

As far as I am concerned Athayus is a coding, designing, social media platform building Jesus and this does not even cover his designing in Second Life. Social Media building and strategy are his forte. Social VR and Pixel VR are just two of the many platforms he has built from the ground up and he is working on many more as well.

If you are feeling the need and want to explore Social VR and Pixel VR, I say DO IT!!! You will find all your networks and followers there, those who have taken the plunge.

Here I am and you can follow me there.

Magick Thoughts profile at Social VR

Here are your links to get to Social VR and Pixel VR. I really hope you will join these!

Social VR is a social networking site for gamers and virtual reality much like Facebook but better and it even has a dark mode.

Pixel VR is an image hosting site that people are using instead of or along with Flickr.

Join the VR Train with Athayus’s many platforms. I have only showcased two of them here and I think they are very much worth checking out and using! Find me on both!!

Social VR and Pixel VR

~MagickThoughts FB Page~

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