PlantPets Breedables in Second Life

PlantPets are almost the OLDEST breedable in Second Life. I got my first pot of roses that was a rare from one of my first friends in SL many years ago. Since then I have had a few in my inventory and recently decided to pursue breeding them myself. Everyone who has PlantPets can breed them and sell them too. There are commons, rares , seasonal.. it goes on and on… even limited ones. The creativity in these plants is amazing! Here is some info from the creator…… PlantPets Website

……”PlantPets was founded in 2007. PlantPets are intelligent growing and breedable plants. They are the second breedable in SL after the Sion chickens, and the longest existing breedable in SL…….” —–Bruce Liebknecht

Here is the LM to my PlantPets and Art Gallery. You can cam around the sim too if you want. Since I just started breeding these amazing little masterpieces, I don’t have many yet for sale. But just so you know I am focussing on rares, elites and limited. I do have some commons as well.

Little PlantPets tips: What if your plant pot is lit up in the dark? Right click the pot and go into edit mode and unclick “Full Bright.” The same goes for the underskirts for the Christmas trees.

What if I want to use a different plant pot? You can!! If the pot of your plantpet is not its root prim then you can always unlink it and either replace it by another pot or delete it. If the pot of your plantpet is its root prim then in order to re-pot that plantpet you can edit its original pot in order to make it a transparent prim and resize it, for example.

Here is the User Guide for all your helpful info. PlantPets User Guide

Here is your biggest tip ever about PlantPets: PlantPets are “temp rez” so they do not affect your land impact other than the pot. Lots of detail has gone into them and if you click them to look at land impact you will be shocked at how many prims you see but DON’T FEAR, they are temp rez. Pretty awesome huh?

My PlantPets Marketplace!!!

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