PlantPets ::SALE:: Second Life

I am still here and I have been breeding my PlantPets this whole time I have been MIA from blogging.

PlantPets SALE LM

I have most of my PlantPets on sale for 150L each exept for Limited Rares.

The point of this blog is that I have 3 Caladium Hope for sale at 3,000 L. You cannot find this limited Plantpet for less than 4-6K. If you are someone who is dying to get one in your collection please come and get this deal while you can. Like I said there are only 3 there waiting for you to buy.

Happy shopping and if you are looking for something you don’t see at my Magick’s PlantPets just let me know and I will see if I have it. I am also in the process of putting out more so come back often ok?

This shows one but there are actually three for sale.
I have Evil Broccolis on sale as well. disregard the prices I just put them on sale for 300L instead o f 1000. I have so many.

Walk down the stone path to get to my PlantPets shop for all your wishlist. Also, there is a new Celeste Moongate Portal that will take you to the Paris sims where I have some art and all of the real life Paris destinations as well.

Evil Broccoli SCARY!!!

Magick’s Plantpets LM!!

The Plantpets Main Store LM

Magick’s Plantpets LM!!

There is a new WIP that Bruce is working on… Stay Tuned!!!

For more information on the world of PlantPets and How To’s…

Visit PlantPets Info.

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