Second Life and Meta/Facebook (My Thoughts)

Welcome my followers to this next blog post. I have some thoughts to share with you in regards to SL avatars and Meta. We all know how Facebook has been taking down our accounts because of the fact we are portraying ourselves as avatars. For years now especially the past 5 or 6 years, our Facebook accounts are being locked because we need to use our real names. You will remember the fiasco I went through with getting ahold of facebook to remedy my situation. My Facebook account is full of so much content and hard work that I was furious they took it from me. I could not get ahold of them until I contacted them through “@facebook” on Twitter. Some people maybe thousands are still in that situation.

Today I have been thinking about Meta. What is Meta doing now? Pouring billions of dollars into their own metaverse. I am thinking this is sketchy. Is Second Life a direct competition to their Meta? Well, it shouldn’t have been years ago unless they have been working on this idea for a very LONG TIME. Well, the Metaverse through Meta/Facebook is looking like almost a carbon copy of ideas and work that Second Life has been doing since 1999. I will tell you one thing… I will not be wearing a huge headset to be in Facebook’s Metaverse. There has to be a more modern way to enjoy VR. Maybe Apple will have some stylish glasses to wear soon.

Second Life already does EVERYTHING Meta is trying to do and the SL avatars look SO MUCH BETTER.


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