“Enchantment” an Exhibit of Fine Art


“This event earmarks the opening of a New Artist on the SL scene. Amanda’s fantasy enactments and flair for capturing the fantasy image in SL is sure to enchant you.”
– Shiloh Emmons – New Arts Director of Paris METRO Art Gallery (PMAG)

The Opening Gala is over but the installation will remain for the whole month of December. As you walk in there is a giver with the information you will need in hand as you walk around.

My inspiration for this installation….

I remember wondering at a very young age about why am I here on earth, I felt lost like I should be somewhere else, from another world, another place; was I one of those “star children?” I had a twin brother who died three days old and that may have caused my anxiety but I was too young to know. I felt alien.

The worlds inside my mind felt more like home. I have always been drawn to “other worlds” and fantasy. When I listened to stories as a child, I saw them enacted in my mind, these images were not imaginary. My dreams were vivid like a movie, haunting my day time existence. As a child I found myself illustrating as best I could these visions and dreams i had, whether it be visually or in writing stories and poems. I have always been good at expressing fantasy but realism in art… I am less inspired. Enchantments and dreamy places are where we run wild. This innocence of our childhood to dream, to be un-molded need not be lost, we can grasp it in our fingers if we try.

i have a degree in Mass Communications and Visual Art. My Life after this has not been conducive to my creativity other than making jewelry and taking pictures. My Second Life art is my Real Life art because I use Photoshop heavily in my images. Maybe one day I will bridge this gap some how but for now you can enjoy my art here.

Second Life is a whole new medium and gives me an outlet for my need to create. Stories, dreams and little delusions influence my artwork. I stray from the mainstream. Enjoy these images that I have made let them engulf your senses and stand old ideas on their head. Some of the stories you may already know, other images are cooked up in the depths my mind.

Many Enchanted Dreams,


Paris METRO Art Gallery Postcard AmandaMagick-Enchantment 12

􀀍Paris METRO Art Gallery~”Enchantment” an installation by AmandaMagick and curated by Shiloh Emmons

special thanks to Mira and Hein for this beautiful video of the opening!

I want to give a special thank you to Rose, Shiloh, Titania, Pat, Walter, Bianca the whole PMC Team and to Aminius Writer Aminius Writer’s FB for his beautiful voice and a special thank you to Heinrich Mader for his specially composed music for my artwork.
Heinrich Mader’s Official Website
Heinrich Mader’s FB

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