Belleza Update Is Out Now!! ~Belleza Universal Hud System 2016~

I am so excited I am sharing this video by Belleza! The Belleza Update is out now! This new hud system takes our Belleza Body to a whole new level! You can color your own nails, color your layers, Twirl the alpha image around to click various areas you need, save your outfits, color your skin and so much more!!!!!!!!
Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 10.50.08 PM
(Screenshot taken from the video for my blog to have a display image. Notice the new Belleza Hud!)

A note I would like to add… the kill scripts feature of the hud. MAKE A COPY OF YOUR BODIES BEFORE HITTING THAT BUTTON. you will then have a script free version for laggy events and still have your original. Like she said once you hit the kill script that body will no longer work with the hud anymore.

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A little Wonder Woman for for all my strong beautiful women friends!!

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