Franks Elite Jazz in Second Life is Staying Open

As I am in SL to water my plants the VIP group for Franks is buzzing! It turns out that yesterday it was decided that Franks Elite will be staying open and going to new management. A man involved with Franks and good friend to management, Mr William Zeta will be taking over the reigns. He was owner of the former, Sphynx Jazz Club in 2006-2009. From what I read in this notecard he was gone for awhile and is back now and has agreed to take over Franks Elite.

I do not know what staff is staying or leaving but Franks Elite will remain. From what I understand the other FEG sims will still be closing. Here is the notecard I grabbed from the VIP group. I took a snapshot of it.

I really hope no one left the group already… I assume the fee will remain 1000L? Anyway, I want to wish Franks great success with new ownership. I just hope now that they clear the estate ban list and rebuild or update. Lets get it to modern times and clear the dirty dish water shall we?

I know many people will be happy that Franks is sticking around. I will only wish it the best from here on out and try to start anew in my mind. Maybe just maybe I will be unbanned and can check it out again. I feel like a lurker in the VIP group. LOL.

QUESTION: Do you think the announcement of all of the FEG closing was an advertising hype? So now, Franks Elite will remain open and start anew with some new popularity? Do you think it was a publicity stunt? There are lots of comments on Facebook where peopl are thinking that atm.What are your thoughts? Please share your thoughts down there in the comments!

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Orca Flotta says:

    Reblogged this on Thar She Blows! and commented:

    Close – stay open – close – stay open …
    Does anybody at FEG know what they’re doing?

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  2. ℳøηї says:

    I do not think it was a publicity stunt. Those who are saying that are either biased, or never owned a community sim. In most cases, having someone to take over would be ideal. But not everyone is up to the task.There is a lot that goes into maintaining a sim – money, time, and expertise. I believe when the announcement was made that Frank’s and all related businesses would be closing, it motivated people to step up.

    Earlier this year, one of the companies that I work for was in a similar situation. They were going to let go one of their sims because they were not bringing in enough revenue to justify paying the tier. On that sim is a beautiful adult garden. So when the announcement was made, several people were motivated to help save the sim by agreeing to help pay for costs. There were other details, but I was not privy to that information.

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  3. Flo says:

    When I read Frank’s would close, my first thought was: publicity stunt, it will reopen again. Very predictable. And surprise, surprise, the new owner just returned to SL? 😂 🤣 😂

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    1. Do you think maybe an alt of some kind? It could be all legit and on the up and up but still it’s a bit fun to think that maybe just maybe it was all a publicity stunt and the new owner is an alt. LOL.


  4. Katrina McMasters says:

    Ehhhh i don’t think it was hype seeing as the place never really lacked when it came to traffic. It’s always been super busy anytime that i have gone there. but anything is possible.

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    1. I had never been there even once when it was “busy” unless busy means like 7 people. Anyway, People have left the group and now have to pay the 1000 L again to rejoin LOL… SMDH.


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