Cramming into Events with respect!! ~Second Life~

Lag be damned. One of the main attractions in Second Life these days are shopping events like Collabor88, Uber, Cosmopoliton, Equal10, Enchantment and Shiny Shabby to name a few… All the up to date events can be found here at the Seraphim website. My personal thoughts on this matter are these…

No matter if you are a premium SL member or not, lag will be significantly reduced if you in-particular show some rendering respect. Do your part when visiting these places by dressing down. WAY DOWN. Some ways to do this are..

  • If your mesh body has a low script version, wear that.
  • Dress as your older classic body self. (Premesh bodies and heads).
  • Wear nothing but a full body alpha. (I have considered it).
  • Visit as a floating head LOL.
  • Wear the paper stick doll avatar (Mine is the Basic Bitch I will display on this blog by AFI Designs).
  • DO NOT wear the wearable companion pets!
  • Do Not wear any particles and poofers or bumpers
  • Set your Firestorm to “View Friends Only” Its at the bottom of the World Menu at the top of your viewer. Yes we walk into people but I don’t think anyone cares and they all do it too.
  • Slide your Maximum Complexity slider all the way down to view all as Jelly Dolls. Read more info here… Maximum Complexity and You! and Avatar Complexity and Graphics Presets by Inara Pey.

So when events are too full to get in there are a couple options.

  1. You can become a Premium Member of Second Life which gives you priority with the event having a few extra slots for premium members only.
  2. You can keep trying or wait until another time.
  3. You can get the TP Hammer. There is a down side for the TP Hammer. You must read on how to use it because if you don’t you won’t know what to do when you are stuck trying and trying over and over and won’t know how to make it stop so you get up and give up Hahaha! Seriously though… it might not be the best thing to have and use when you can always go back later.
Basic Bitch Avatar by AFI Designs. Get yours and other things.. Here at her Marketplace. The event I am at is Collabor88.

 Isn’t that avatar funny? Her name was my idea LOL. I am the Basic Bitch. LOL. Anyway.. Happy shopping and good luck getting into events. We need to bring back what SL used to be before there were events like this as entertainment. SL is so much more than shopping at events isn’t it? Here is my friend Naria’s Bitchin at Events video from like a week ago. I think she is so funny!!

 AFI Designs Landmark

AFI Designs on the MarketPlace

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  1. I’ve set up a ‘Shopping’ graphic preset that has everything turned down to just the basic shaders, draw distance of 32m, everyone else pixelated or jellydoll’d, no particles, etc. Even then, it can still be laggy if the sim is packed, so I then do ‘View Friends Only’ and wait for textures to load. Since most of the store displays are flat images anyone, that works out pretty well.

    Of course, there’s also the option of waiting 24-48 hours then visiting the event. 🙂 Or even — ok, this might be controversial — skipping the shopping event and doing something else instead? 😉 I recently got myself a couple of boats off the Marketplace and taken them out sailing around the waterways of Bellisaria continent, and it’s rather soothing.

    I had a chuckle at Naria’s video, I like doing people-watching, and aside from the couple of broken avis most of them looked OK, and a couple of them showed the person behing the avi had put some thought into personalising their appearance.

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  2. A graphic preset is a great idea. I think I knew that but have not made one. I just do the it the long way every time because I love to waste my own time. LOL I always chuckle at Narias videos and dream of being in one with her someday. Its my lifes ambition… (not really for real… but still it would be fun). hahaha… I love to bitch at things.. Maybe I will get brave and use my OBS and do my own videos lol. Who knows…

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    1. I’m planning on doing some in-world videos of my own at some point, mainly to pass on stuff I’ve learnt about how to customise your SL experience. 🙂

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  3. Luciérnaga says:

    I was wondering, how do you add a landmark to actually give it to the tp hammer if you can’t have it already in your inventory?


    1. Drag th LM on top of the hammer hud i think. I don’t remember


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