Happy Holidays to All! ~❤Paris Metro Couture at Paris and Sydney City❤~ Sale and GIFTS FOR YOU!

Christmas Holiday Cheer is what we wish for you with all you need for a wonderful, classy, unique and festive time.

Bonjour à tous,
All that glitters and goes puffy is new Holiday Style in Sydney just added a Holiday Shop as well with formal fun dressing! Men’s Suits and Gowns!
Great Collector’s Intro Pricing of 450 L in a new little store.
Mesh Suits and Gowns for Most All Mesh Bodies and Classic Too.
Also a Very Luxurious Super Sports Car by Club33 Special Edition in Royal Blue!
Paris Metro Couture Marketplace
PMC Holiday Shop at Sydney City Australia this shop is right next door to my Magick Java Cafe and across the street from Paris Metro Couture main Sydney store. Grab your car gift too!!!!

15591380_1719908995004864_6298918126242117630_oPlease click the images to see them bigger.


15403842_1717123755283388_2093244170578194354_oPuff Magic boot-pants and metallic puffy jackets at the Paris Store and …..

vibeallVibe and Let Me Be are at The Sydney City Paris Metro Couture


All you need to know is to visit these 2 Paris Metro Couture locations for all you need this holiday season.
Paris Metro Couture Main Store
Paris Metro Couture Sydney City Australia

holidayballsHoliday Balls is worn with my Belleza Isis and can be worn using your alpha hud for many mesh bodies! Includes standard mesh sizes.



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Paris METRO Art Gallery
Paris Metro Couture Main Store
Paris Metro Couture Sydney City Australia

New Renaissance Paris Metro Couture Galleria
Paris Metro Couture BoSL Store
PMC Facebook
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Paris METRO Couture on the Marketplace!!

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