If someone vanishes in Second Life

I really think the topic of this blog is so important mainly because I have been thinking about this lately as well. I know RL is more important than SL but to me my friends are real no matter in SL or RL. I think if I were to disappear without a trace there would be at least a couple worried about me. I am a classic worrier and so I know how worked up I can get especially if someone I care about is gone and can’t be found.

I always have all my social media links at the end of my blog posts… so there are 101 ways to contact me somehow. But if for some reason there is no trace of me at all anywhere… then I will have a go to person or 2 in my profile… well soon I will because I will follow this great advice Jo has shared with us. Just read her post that I am reblogging. Friends are everything to me just like family and I don’t want anyone worrying about me for sure.
–love AmandaMagick

If you have lost track of someone .. I wish you all the luck finding them again.

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Jo Yardley's Second Life

If you’ve been in Second Life for a while, sooner or later someone you know and/or care about will vanish from your virtual life.
They don’t say goodbye, they don’t leave a note, they don’t cancel their rent, they don’t clear their land, they simply never log on again.

There can be many different reasons for someone to just vanish like that, it could be something as innocent as being stuck somewhere during a holiday without internet and losing their rental and deciding they don’t want to return, maybe their computer breaks and they cant afford a new one or maybe they have gotten themselves into some drama in SL and decide that simply staying away is the best solution.
But it could also be something rather serious, they may be very unwell or even have died.

People sometimes don’t realise how much they mean to their virtual friends and community…

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  1. Syreni Barony says:

    Ariana Edenflower……….. any info please let Syreni Barony Know… {SL user Odessa SIM owner.


  2. Talon Snowpaw says:

    I agree that my SL friends are just as important as my rl friends. You spend time with them like you do in rl. You plan visits, weddings, parties, and other events just as if they lived on your block or in your surrounding area. These people play important roles in your life.
    Real life individuals who do not play Second Life often miss that connection. They become angry and or jealous because it is a waste of time to sit sit in a chair a and develop a social network of friends. They would rather experience tangible life style verses virtual reality. I am all for that as well have nothing against real life but I also like to broaden my horizons.
    Second Life affords many things. Things I know I can’t touch. I have the chance to meet and develop friendships world wide, live in homes I could never afford and do things like DJING that I probably would not be able to do. For those who are chronically sick, whose life quality is limited it opens so many avenues for them.
    Second Life is a perfect world with imperfect people and the imperfections of mankind.
    So when one just disappears for whatever reason it does take its toll. That perfect world has no control over us in real life other than addiction, broken computer, illness or death.
    Long live Second Life!


    1. I agree with you. Many people I know in SL are ill in some way in RL or for whatever reasons are at home quite a bit. Also, I know people in SL who are very busy in RL and come in to SL to relax its their down time. You never know who you are speaking to in SL until you get to know them personally and then at that point there is a real life connection. This is why I always say… My SL and RL are one and the same. My mind says so and my friends are real. ❤ thank you for responding to this blog post and I truly hope everyone reads Jo’s post I have linked to. It was an eye opener for me. ❤


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