To Bot or Not to Bot ~The Club Scene in SL~

Well I must say that today I am witnessing this firsthand. The club scene in SL is saturated but can be so amazing. But tonight I am at a club to see a friend DJ and I kid you not the whole club is full of bots to make it look busy. The only two who are real avatars are the DJ and Hostess. I feel so bad for them. I will not give out the name of the club but here is my proof.

I have noticed that its the “older more accomplished businessmen” in SL that do this. They do it with a new club they open so that it looks like there is traffic there. Also at the same time they do not tell their DJ or other staff that they are doing this which in my book is wrong too.

All are noob looking and not wearing mesh really and the conversation is just “Hi or whatever” and they are all congregated in the same area of the club. I know bots do talk a little and learn as they go with conversation but these bots are not spoken to much and they don’t speak to each other at all really so they are getting no practice LMAO!!!!!!!!!! Have a DJ come in and play for 500L and fill the place with bots!

I don’t know whether to laugh or find the owner and yell.

Ok so when a club fills up with bots what is this accomplishing? How boring. OMG there is even a contest going for 1000L hahaha!! so the owner wins the L too! This is priceless….. giggles… There has to be a better use for Bots in SL!

We are now up to 30 Bots all VIPs and not moving from their spots at all.


“This version is outdated, unwear and wear your translator again to get the last version OR go here: Fantasy Island (173,172,3491)”


I really dislike places that do this…..
What are your thoughts on this matter?

To Bot or Not to Bot?

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10 Comments Add yours

  1. randyjw says:

    Aww; feel bad for the party-giver. That’s a shame.


    1. No Kidding! I think I would skip the 500L …. He was not aware at the time it was all bots until I pointed it out…. he said well they pay me 5ooL… I say .. screw that!

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  2. randyjw says:

    Aww… Once that happened to me in real life. I don’t know what happened, but everybody cancelled at the last minute. I was so mad; all this barbecue food I’d bought… Laughing now… Oh, well!

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  3. Moz Loordes says:

    I had no idea that clubs in SL do that! Given that I don’t go to clubs apart from Franks where I am pretty sure that they are real people because you can have a conversation with them 🙂 It is a shame though, and as you say clubs must be saturated by now, like the fashion and home&garden scene. Good article, thanks 🙂

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    1. sometimes its the new clubs who are owned by “old SL residents/business owners” who are tricky and think its ok to do that. Then they have to be mean not to tell their staff thats what they are doing. I have seen this scenario a few times in 5 years and none of those “businessmen” are my friends.

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  4. I think it’s shitty.. And unless they have some wonderfully new whatever to draw real people why even open a new place.. Like you said.. SL is saturated.. Everyone tries to start new places n it might MIGHT work for awhile then they die out


    1. I know it takes a lot of work to start a club and have it still be there years later. But filling with bots I don’t think is wise lol.

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  5. This whole second life thing is fascinating. I’ve played live to a half dozen bots, so this doesn’t seem so strange….


  6. I have a comment from Facebook I will share here….
    ….”Karson Kader lol ik this place its on the sim next to my club ive never been in it tbh but wondered why so many there all the time now this explains it i recognize the pics because ive zoomed into it few times and looked on the map ..i think this many bots is stupid and pointless i have 2 but they are only dancers they dont talk nothing and scripted so they dont bring in traffic ..only for show basically good to know this though because someone was asking bout it last night….”


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